Bear Down: Chicago Bears Podcast
Matt Walsh of the Upright Citizens Brigade and screenwriter Scot Armstrong gather with fellow Chicagoans in Los Angeles every week to discuss their favorite football team: The Bears.
Week Fourteen: With Mikhail You Can't Fail

The guys sit down with Russian presidential hopeful Mikhail Prokhorov to discuss his campaign and talk to Derek Jeter on the phone. Plus, a eulogy for the Bears' season from director Werner Herzog.

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Week Thirteen: The Bear Down Nativity Play

The guys speak to their friend Ozzie Guillen on the phone and interview Tim Tebow's devout girlfriend. Plus, the First Annual Bear Down Nativity Play!

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Week Twelve: Raising Cain

The guys interview one of Herman Cain's former lovers and square off against the imperious host of rival podcast Bear Down UK.

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