Bear Down: Chicago Bears Podcast
Matt Walsh of the Upright Citizens Brigade and screenwriter Scot Armstrong gather with fellow Chicagoans in Los Angeles every week to discuss their favorite football team: The Bears.
Week Fourteen: Banana World

Ex-replacement ref Brian Hochuli is back, and still struggling in his role as a replacement husband. Plus, an NFL safety expert shows off the latest prototype helmet and Fireman Pete hatches a new plan.

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Week Thirteen: She's Krafty

The guys welcome fellow podcasters Ronna and Beverly to the show, and Scot attempts to play matchmaker by bringing in Patriots owner Bob Kraft for Ronna. Also, Werner Herzog drops by and Jay Cutler's brother Doug talks golf attire.

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Week Eleven: The Hot Sauce of Perpetual Motion

With Scot, Joe and RJ missing in action, Matt is forced to work with replacement co-host Brian Hochuli. This week, Mikhail Prokhorov stops by to discuss the Nets' new Brooklyn arena, plus a phone call from Halas Hall chef Angelo "Sauce" Coletti.

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Week Ten: Flood or Famine

Matt, Joe and guest co-host Jon Glaser talk to the Bears' chief risk management officer and Lovie Smith's fury channelist.

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Week Nine: SublimiSheath

The guys participate in the electoral process and chat with broadcast legend Tom Brokaw and former Vice President Al Gore.

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Week Eight: The Ghost of Dick Butkus Says Happy Novemberrr

This week the guys speak to former NFL replacement ref Brian Hochuli, get a call from Matt's fantasy football guru and hear a pitch from a charity worker interested in hosting a Bear Down Halloween party.

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Week Seven: The Bulldog

The guys call their friend and recently fired Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen and interview legendary baseball announcer Vin Scully.

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Week Six: Throw the Phone

This week on Bear Down: things get heated when the guys interview Jay Cutler's life coach. Plus, a visit from Fireman Pete and a phone call from Derek Jeter.

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Week Five: On The Field

The guys contemplate the bye week, get a call from sideline reporter Tony Siragusa and talk to the legendary Dick Butkis about the recent passing of Alex Karras.

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Week Four: What Happens in the Pile

The guys welcome Joe back, talk to a breast cancer awareness volunteer and get some unorthodox picks from NFL great Dan Dierdorf.

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