Bear Down: Chicago Bears Podcast
Matt Walsh of the Upright Citizens Brigade and screenwriter Scot Armstrong gather with fellow Chicagoans in Los Angeles every week to discuss their favorite football team: The Bears.
I'm Too Sochi For My Shirt

Matt and Scot talk to Fireman Pete about his role in the Packers' playoff loss to San Franciscso, plus a transatlantic phone call from ex-replacement ref-turned-replacement Olympic curler Brian Hochuli.

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Baboons Vs. Baboons

The playoffs are here, and the Bear Down gang has reconvened to lament the absence of their beloved Bears. Matt and Scot welcome their old friends Doug Buffone, Mikhail Prokhorov, Dick Pepperfield and Ozzie Guillen to talk sports. Plus, a fan competes for a chance to win tickets on the Bear Down Podcruise.

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