Bear Down: Chicago Bears Podcast (podcasts)
Matt Walsh of the Upright Citizens Brigade and screenwriter Scot Armstrong gather with fellow Chicagoans in Los Angeles every week to discuss their favorite football team: The Bears.
Pope Trumps Donald

Back from hiatus and broadcasting from their new studio, the guys welcome Pope Francis and Donald Trump to the show, as well as their old friends Fireman Pete and Werner Herzog.

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Live at the UCB Franklin

Matt and Scot convene the gang at the UCB Franklin to discuss the Blackhawks, Tiger Woods and Deflategate.

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Four Jacks

Matt and guest co-host Fireman Pete welcome the Bears IT director onto the show to discuss a new player-oriented social app and consult with a voodoo fortune teller on the team's chances this season.

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Riding Dirty

Matt and Scot welcome recently retired ballplayer Derek Jeter into the studio and learn the ins and outs of Bears flag etiquette from Fireman Pete.

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A Hot Bubble

In the wake of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson controversies, the guys talk to temp Acting Director of Ethics and Conduct for the NFL Brian Hoculi and a PR representative from Budweiser.

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Live from the UCB-LA

Matt, Scot and Joe welcome their friends Gary Busey, Doug Buffone, Fireman Pete and more to the UCB in Los Angeles for a special live show to kick off the new season.

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Matt, Scot and Joe cover the NFL draft with their old friends Dick Pepperfield, Mikhail Prokhorov, Doug Buffone and a few surprise special guests. (Recorded live at the UCB Theatre, Los Angeles on May 9, 2014.)

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I'm Too Sochi For My Shirt

Matt and Scot talk to Fireman Pete about his role in the Packers' playoff loss to San Franciscso, plus a transatlantic phone call from ex-replacement ref-turned-replacement Olympic curler Brian Hochuli.

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Week Eleven: Bearnado!

Doug Buffone is back in the studio to talk about playing football in a tornado. Plus, an exclusive interview with Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

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BD Short: Honey Bear Holly Sanderson

The guys talk to their old friend/former Honey Bear Holly Sanderson.

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